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Opera is a timeless artform where passionate music, virtuosic vocal skills, poetic language and scenic beauty all blend together to create euphoric human experiences! Those experiences are what we aim to bring to the masses.

As a non-profit organization, Lyrical Opera Theater would not exist without volunteer efforts and financial support from our community. We contribute to the cultural and economic vibrancy of Utah communities with critically-acclaimed productions and far-reaching educational programs.

We produce an opera each spring that our entire organization works year-round to create with the goal of growing that to two operas per year in 2020. We have a responsibility to future generations to keep opera alive and dedicate ourselves to enriching Utahns throughout the entire year by doing educational programs and events for learners of every age. The Lyrical Opera Theater Ensemble performs a children's opera for nearly 9,000 elementary students annually, and we invite middle and high school students to our dress rehearsal. Learners of all ages receive hundreds of hours of one-on-one training in preparation for our operatic productions. We provide supertitle translations, educational materials and fun-facts for everyone that attends our operas to break down the barriers and show everyone that opera is a beautiful and accessible art form. Lyrical Opera Theater also seeks new and exciting ways to go deeper into our community and encompass people of every heritage into the world of opera.

Each year, LOT contracts skilled artists ranging from opera performers to stage managers to choristers to sound engineers and beyond. We drive tourism and spending in our community with our artists and patrons eating at local restaurants and shopping in local stores. We are honored to have so many loyal supporters that continue to contribute to our artistic and community endeavors. Your support is as vital to us as we are to our Utah communities. Thank you in advance for your support.

Our giving philosophy:

Lyrical Opera Theater is a labor of love and a heartfelt contribution to make the world a better place. We provide internal, unmeasurable riches for our performers and audiences! Although we recognize that true worth lies within, we acknowledge that we are often blind to the true value of someone's contribution. Some of our greatest classical composers and performers whose creations and performances continue to uplift the souls of billions of humans world-wide, died penniless. If they had lived today, based on their ability to contribute financially, they would be excluded from the very events that their genius helped to create…events that wouldn't be possible if they hadn't dedicated their lives to a labor of love. We exist because of the thousands of hours of volunteer efforts, the gifts differently abled individuals bring to us and to the often overlooked, undervalued and undercompensated contributions of every kind.

Inclusivity is our foundation. We value every individual and recognize that "true worth" lies within. We prize most highly the time and effort given to further our cause. Everyone is welcome at all our events regardless of their ability to contribute financially. It is not the size of the contribution but the passion behind it. Our contributors give because they truly support our mission and have a personal desire to help in our success. We greatly appreciate, value and respect our contributors and their donations, and it is for that reason that all funds are used solely to support our mission rather than on promoting exclusive clubs recognizing donors that were able to contribute large sums of money. We appreciate and recognize all donors through our continued commitment to provide engaging, affordable, and professional events to all.

Volunteer service | A Labor of Love

    Ways you can serve:
  • Event planning and organization
  • Setting up and tearing down
  • Costumes
  • Ushering
  • Printing programs, postcards and flyers
  • Providing entertainment
    You can help us from the comfort of your home with:
  • Phone calls and emailing
  • Making and sending out Thank You cards
  • Providing food for events
  • Writing articles for our Newsletter

To volunteer, contact: Deborah Siddoway at or (801) 599-2333 or Lynnette Owens at or (801) 641-6984.  

Contribute financially in the following ways:

Lyrical Opera Theater is proud of and grateful to businesses, foundations and individuals that support our mission. We are a 501(c)(3) Arts Education charity. Your contribution will benefit Lyrical Opera Theater and may be written your taxes as a charitable contribution.

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By phone or In-kind contributions:

Call: 801-641-6984

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Lyrical Opera Theater is proud of and grateful to businesses, foundations and individuals that support our mission. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts education charity. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donate today in the following ways:

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