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Here's your exclusive backstage pass for the production methods of Lyrical Opera Theater and interviews with our artists.

Madama Butterfly TV interview on KUED's CONTACT

How to put on a theatrical wig turorial

Geisha makeup turorial

Watch now | A singer's mask prototype during COVID-19

Watch now | Our production set-up

Watch now | Behind the mask: What is an operatic musical run-through like?

Watch now | Masquerade Party 2018 trailer

Watch now | Festa Italiana 2018 highlights: Sun, singing and marinara sauce!

Watch now | Lyrical Logs presents Kirt and the booze factory! Outlaw Distillery

Watch now | Introduction to LOT: Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Watch now: Café Grand Prix Car Show Special

Watch now: FALSTAFF ViDoc: Special Preview

Watch now: CONTACT with Mary Dixon | Lyrical Opera Theater presents Falstaff | PBS

Watch now: Interview special with Jessica Benson, Nannetta in Falstaff | February 2018

Watch now: Falstaff singer rehearsals | February 2018

Watch now: Interview special with Elijah Hancock, Bardolfo in Falstaff | February 2018

Watch now: Per Noi Trattoria preview for our Masquerade PARTY's Italian buffet

Watch now: Masquerade Waltz & Polka tutorial with Bethany Taylor

Watch now: Masquerade Mask Making tutorial

Watch now: Interview special with Christopher Arbizu, LOT Board of Directors Secretary

Watch now: Interview special starring Deborah Siddoway, LOT Opera Guild President

Watch now: Interview special starring Felicia Lundie, Alice in Falstaff coming spring 2018

Watch now: Authentic Italian Cooking special starring Alice Cipollini in preparation for our MASQUERADE PARTY.

Watch now: Interview special: Gregory Watts, Falstaff in Falstaff

Watch now: Lynnette explains how the full orchestral tracks are produced


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