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Our Mission

To enrichen Utah communities by providing innovative professional family operas and concert entertainment ensuring arts education and performance excellence.


Our Operas

Lyrical Opera Theater uses innovative technology to bring an old art form to new audiences. We perform fully staged operas in their entirety and original languages engaging local, internationally acclaimed, seasoned performers as well as young and upcoming artists. LOT uses scenery projections with clear, large English supertitle translations projected above the scenery so audience members can easily understand and follow the story.

We bring opera to the masses while being artist friendly. As a volunteer-run and staffed non-profit, we provide affordable tickets so everyone can attend. We support our community's highly skilled performing artists by providing performing opportunities where they can stay home with their regular income providing jobs and businesses AND be with their loved ones. Our use of technology greatly improves our productions while decreasing production costs so that most of the funds we raise are given to our artists where they are spent right here in our Utah communities.

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Rigoletto Album cover La Traviata Cast A 2019 La Traviata Cast B 2019 Falstaff 2018 Carmen 2017 La Boheme 2016 Tosca 2015 Lyrical Opera Theater's Madama Butterfly 2014
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Watch now: CARMEN | Lyrical Opera Theater | 2017

Classy Concerts

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We also provide Classy Concerts - singing at Events at festivals, weddings, senior living centers, churches, office parties, funerals, etc. We can provide the sound system at small venues or just plug into it at large venues.

Lyrical Opera Theater's Classy Concerts Lyrical Opera Theater's Classy Concerts

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Educational Outreach

We believe we have a responsibility to future generations to keep opera alive as an art form and dedicate ourselves to enriching Utahns throughout the entire year by doing educational programs and events for learners of every age. The Lyrical Opera Theater Ensemble performs a children's opera for nearly 9,000 elementary students annually. We invite middle and high school students to the dress rehearsals of our operas. Learners of all ages receive hundreds of hours of one-on-one training in preparation for our operatic productions. We provide supertitle translations, educational materials and fun-facts for everyone that attends our operas to break down the barriers and show everyone that opera is a beautiful and accessible art form. Lyrical Opera Theater also seeks new and exciting ways to go deeper into our community and encompass people of every heritage into the world of opera.

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Elementary aged students: We can bring educational assemblies to your school or event.

Perhaps you're planning an educational cultural event for elementary aged children where you'd like to introduce the timeless art form of opera to them. Our assembly provides an introduction to opera: What is opera? It is a play or a story set to music. The delightful children's opera Little Red Riding Hood will be presented introducing students to the operatic voice, how opera is created and what opera is actually like in a fun, interactive and engaging way. The assembly lasts 45 minutes.

Junior and high school aged students: We invite students to our opera production's dress rehearsal.

Junior and senior high school students are invited to attend the dress rehearsal of our opera production free of charge. For information about how your students can participate in this behind the scenes creative opportunity, click here.

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