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Educational Outreach at Lyrical Opera Theater

We believe we have a responsibility to future generations to keep opera alive as an art form and dedicate ourselves to enriching Utahns throughout the entire year by doing educational programs, events and trainings for learners of every age.

Elementary school educational outreach: The Lyrical Opera Theater Ensemble performs a children's opera for nearly 9,000 elementary students annually.

Individual and group artists trainings: Our master teachers provide hundreds of hours of free trainings for artists of every age that are involved in our operas and concert performances. Artists are taught music theory including note-reading, rhythm, style and musical nuances, and are coached in Italian, French and German languages as well as acting and performance skills.

We provide supertitle translations, educational materials and fun-facts for everyone that attends our operas to break down the barriers and show everyone that opera is a beautiful and accessible art form. Lyrical Opera Theater also seeks new and exciting ways to go deeper into our community and encompass people of every heritage into the world of opera.

Learning Resources

Elementary aged students:

What is an opera? | An introduction for elementary aged students to opera.

We bring educational assemblies to your school. Perhaps you're planning an educational cultural event for elementary aged children where you'd like to introduce the timeless art form of opera to them. Our assembly provides an introduction to opera: What is opera? It is a play or a story set to music. The delightful children's opera Little Red Riding Hood will be presented introducing students to the operatic voice, how opera is created and what opera is actually like in a fun, interactive and engaging way. The assembly lasts 45 minutes.

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7th grade - Adults learning resources:

"What is an opera?" series.

Madama insider's guide

How to put on a theatrical wig turorial

Geisha makeup turorial


Dress Rehearsal at the Opera

Junior and senior high school students are invited to attend dress rehearsals of our operas free of charge. For information about how your students can participate in this behind the scenes creative opportunity, click here.

Students accompanied by their teachers are invited to attend the dress rehearsal of our opera production free of charge.

FOR TICKETS CALL (801) 641-6984.

FREE for students in grades 7 - 12 and their accompanying teachers.

Students may order tickets and attend on their own. Teachers are invited to make group orders and accompany their students as chaperons. No more than 1 adult chaperone per 7 students. Non-teacher chaperones are $5 per ticket.

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